Adult 1997 Windows Crowd Co. Anime Puzzle based Bishoujo Visual novel Hentai

Change of Hearts

X-Change is an adult-oriented bishoujo adventure game published by Peach Princess. You are a normal boy living a normal life when something happens and suddenly you are changed into a girl. Graphics are great, and music is pretty decent. Like many games of this genre, throughout the story you are given the option to make choices, choices that will affect the outcome of the ending. Your goal is to try to get your life back to normal or not. But while you are at it, situations will present themselves and they will offer you the chance to experience a new side to relationships: the female side. I enjoyed this game very much the first time I played it. The story is very original, with bits of comical, hilarious and sometimes sad moments. It's definitely worth a download if you are looking for a good romantic adventure. There are several endings, some considered good endings, and others bad endings. One good aspect of the game mechanics is the option to skip text. If you are re-playing it to achieve a different ending, you are not forced to re-read the entire dialog all over again. Just press the skip button until you are asked to make a new choice. As a side note, one thing about this game I didn't like was the fact that all characters have the same face, except for the hair. Apart from that, it's still a very nice game, very enjoyable.

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