V.G. Fighter

Adult 1995 Dos TonTanNerw Anime Arcade style Fighting

A not so bad fighter game with gratuitous sexual elements

Variable Geo Fighter is a fighter game not unlike Street Fighter, but with an all female cast of players as well as weird little story. The fighters are all working for restaurant chains when not brawling and when they do fight, they do it in the name of the restaurants they work for! Talk about junk food wars! At any rate, the fights themselves are not half bad, but compared to the all time classic Street Fighter 2 Turbo, V. G. Fighter is a relatively modest game. That is so because of the number of moves that each character has, with a common number of poses and hits that is a lot smaller, while individual moves as well as combos are almost nonexistent. Instead, when a game is lost, the fighter has to strip, later on masturbate or even get gang raped. The nudity and humiliation through lewd sexual acts is thus central to the game and not the fights themselves. So, if you want to play a fighter game with some mature elements in it this is a good option to go for, but don't expect a great fighter game.

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