V.G. Max - Variable Geo Max

Adult 1997 Windows TonTanNerw Anime Arcade style Fighting

An anime fighter and adventure with a sexy kink

While technically not an adult adventure game, V.G. Max - Variable Geo Max gets close enough to the definition, although it is mostly a fighter game in the same vein as Street Fighter 2. In fact some of the moves even feel as if they were lifted from the Street Fighter 2 game, as the animations look very much alike and even the background seem to be inspired by the Street Fighter series. However, the only combatants here are anime girls. But the Street Fighter reminiscent lineage (there's no official link between the two games) works wonders for this game. The battles are lively, the need to learn moves and tactics is still there and in between fights you get the gaudy big eyed poses reminiscent of kinky sex adventures. However this game won't go so far, luckily or unhappily, however you want to take it. So, if you want to play a little girl fighter brawler this can be it. Oh, just one more thing you should know, there are no English subtitles in the game, but the fight sounds are pretty cool. So make sure you turn the volume up!

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