X-Change 2

Adult 1999 Windows Crowd Co. Anime Puzzle based Arcade style Bishoujo Visual novel Hentai

It's swapping time!

This follow up to the original X-Change actually improves on its predecessor, so if you are a fan of adult interactive novels like Private Nurse and Virgin Roster, you should have a good time here. The game does follow on from the previous installment though, so you would be advised to check that out first in order to get the most out of this one. The story takes place one year after the end of the first game and finds our hero leading a normal life, after previously getting caught up in a girl's body. However, he soon finds himself as an unwilling guinea pig in a fellow student's science experiment and once more ends up getting switched. However, this time around he is apparently wildly attractive to both men and women, thus ensuring much hilarity. In terms of gameplay, this one follows the standard template for visual novels, with the player following along with the story at their own speed, with their involvement restricted to making the occasional decision regarding how the narrative proceeds. There are over twenty possible endings to discover here, giving the game some substantial replay value, while in most other respects, it's a decent addition to the genre. The visuals are striking and quite stylish, with some solid design work, while the story is quite charming in a peculiar way. This is of course apart from the graphic sex scenes which will undoubtedly appeal to genre fans, as they are pretty detailed and imaginative. If this sort of thing offends you, then steer clear, otherwise get the tissues and lock the door.

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