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As the last standing fighter pilot you have to be Ace!

Ace is a flight fighter game, a very cool one, arcade like, where you, alone, as you're the last standing pilot, have to take on an entire army of planes, tanks, and other units that have you and only you as their target. So, all in all, Ace is a fast, macho, very well done, all things considered flight game, from the helm of an ACE Mark 2.1 aircraft. Granted, you won't play the entire game within the cockpit of the same aircraft. You have three lives, so in game, you have three of these aircrafts. The missions, as I said, are very full of enemies, but, they evolve from fairly doable to mighty hard pretty fast. But, it's great fun, and the aircraft flies very nicely, is easily controlled and you can escape very close call situations very often. Thus, be wary, shoot on sight, and try to preserve your aircraft as much as possible, the future of an entire nation rests on your piloting skills! And, alternatively, for a similarly arcade flight game, download Ace 2, much more endowed graphically, though still an oldie game, with the most minimal of graphics.

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