Aces of the Galaxy

Simulation 2008 Windows Sierra Entertainment Futuristic Space flight Action Casual Arcade

Come fly the unfriendly skies

Aces of the Galaxy might not be in the same league as classic space combat sims like Freespace 2 or X-Wing but for some simple sci-fi blasting thrills, it certainly delivers the goods. It lacks an interesting storyline but makes up for it with fast-paced and genuinely exciting action and some lovely visuals, making it a good choice for hi-octane fans. The narrative is pretty minimal and finds you facing off against the entire Skurgan armada after stealing one of their ships from them. That's about it in terms of story and the rest of the game simply finds you going up against wave after wave of enemy ships in a third-person space-based shooter. You don't have complete freedom of movement so the game is more like the Starfox titles although you can affect things slightly by moving towards the side of the screen while you can also perform barrel rolls. You have a variety of ships to choose from, each with their own characteristics while also being armed with a chain gun and missiles and there are also a few powerups to make your job easier. Aces of the Galaxy certainly isn't a must play but anyone who loves high score chasing or games like Rebel Assault or Panzer Dragoon should get a few hours of fun out of this one. It does look very nice with some slick space visuals and nice effects to catch the eye while the action is relentless but always compelling, being fast and furious at all times. There are some minor issues but they don't detract from what is a simple but entertaining shooter.

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