Panzer Dragoon

Action 1995 Windows Empire Interactive Shooter Medieval

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Kill dragons.. While riding one.

So, you get to ride a dragon who not only breathes fire but also has full armor and a cool homing laser. How much cooler can a game get? Not to be confused with the Panzer strategy games, this is a fanstastic medieval fantasy shooter game in which you and your dragons fly in the air and kill all kinds of creatures, like evil dragons, worms and whatnots (much like in Dragon Strike). The game has a rail shooting gameplay, which means that you and your dragon fly on a determined path and you shoot everything that stands in it. At the end of each level there is a boss waiting for you to kill him. There are even three difficulty which you can choose from depending on how competent you feel. The game is very awesome, and I find it every fantasy geek boy's dream come true. The graphics are amazing, the 3D rendering and animation have certainly done their job. Both the dragons and the hero are designed very cool, and the surroundings are very abstract looking and also very cool. All this is accompanied by a very epic soundtrack. I say that you should totally check this game out, and get prepared for some awesomeness, serious action and beautiful sights which together make a great game.

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