Nuclear War 3 Ground Zero

Strategy 2001 Other RC Software Alternate History War

A good mix of strategy and variety

This game is a strategy and a turn base war game where there are five leaders who use nukes in order to conquer the earth. The players who will participate in the game will play as leaders of different countries with four populous cities with the mission to conquer or destroy the other country through bombing or through launching a propaganda campaign against them. With every turn that you get, you can order one of the five commands which are bombing, preparing warheads, launching propaganda, build weapon or preparing missiles for bombing. You have a variety of different bombs to use and the effectiveness of your attack will depend on the strategy and the timing you choose. The game gives you option to customize the personalities and the events that occurs which makes it very interesting. You also have the option to build your own characters by using different graphics and file that you have in your computer. The opponents are not much of a competition but you can always compete with humans through using the internet which makes the game much more exciting. The graphics are on the average side but the gameplay is quite fascinating. It has been a good successor to Nuclear War 2 which also has good depth of variety and gameplay.

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