Aerobiz Supersonic

Simulation 1994 Nintendo KOEI Trade or management Business

A catchy business simulation

It is a very well made airline management simulation game with a lot of variety and details and with a lot to give you a brainstorming and interesting experience. You will be playing the role of a CEO of a new airline company where your target is to make it a big one and generate lots of profits so that you can become the market leader in 4 different regions. The game starts with a lot of money under your belt and the first decision to make is to buy some good and affordable airplanes. The decision making and management aspects in the game are pretty diversified and you have to take both short terms and long term decisions apart from the daily business or management decisions. Setting routes and analyzing the situation and the travelling dynamics of a country is also a part of the strategy making. You need to also keep a good check on the diplomatic and the political scenarios and terms between countries because you cannot buy airplanes and set routes for countries with which you are having a war going on. The user interface in the game is a great one because it is very easy to master are so are the controls. The game has some very good graphics and is a fine simulation by all standards. Air Bucks is yet another likable simulation which as the same theme and great variety of aspects.

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