A320 Airbus

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Realistic but less-than-exciting flight sim

Anyone who finds the likes of combat flight sims Flanker and Falcon a bit too exciting and want to take to skies not filled with enemy fighters and hails of flak might be advised to check this out. It offers budding pilots the opportunity to jump into the cockpit of the titular passenger craft in a highly detailed and authentic sim that is no less challenging for the lack of overt thrills. Players get the chance to take their planes across a number of difficult routes, all the way from taking off from the asphalt to dealing with turbulence to bringing her down safely on the other side. You are responsible for pretty much everything, including navigation and the actual piloting itself, and the game does an excellent job of making you feel as if you are in the driving seat all the way, with an exceptionally detailed cockpit and realistic handling for the plane. While Airbus may not be for everyone, if you are in the market for a non combat-oriented flight sim, then this is worth checking out. The graphics, while slightly dated, maintain the atmosphere of authenticity and are supported by simple but effective sound effects. Thanks to the level of detail on display here, the game is highly challenging and if you've never played something like this before, be prepared to spend some time getting to grips with the controls. Just getting off the ground can be difficult enough, but persevere and you'll soon get the hang of things. However, this type of sim is undeniably less than exciting and is tailored to a specific market, so is not for casual gamer looking for quick thrills. If this sort of thing appeals to you though, then A320 Airbus should deliver what you want.

An Average passenger flight simulation

A simulation game featuring a plot of a passenger airline is quite unique but this game apart from being unique is realistic and fun as well. This airline management game is more towards flying passenger planes rather than towards their business planning and involves quite realistic flight scenarios. The graphics are close to what we say excellent and the options are not too easy which makes the game play quite competitive. The instruments or the flight dynamics have also been made complex and that is because they have kept them realistic. It gives you a distinct feel of flying passenger aircrafts and the dynamics which are involved there. It gives you a good time on the handle as the controls are smooth and quite well synced with the keyboard or the joystick. The sounds are again realistic as the gameplay itself. Well it's not for those who love all out action plane fighting but is a good option for an interesting smooth flight game. To give you another or a superior flight simulation game, try Tracon.

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