Air Bucks

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An airline tycoon simulator with a complex and exciting gameplay

Air Bucks is a 1992 airline tycoon simulator with a complex gameplay for the fans of this genre. The main aspect this game focuses on is the economics of transportation via air travel. The action takes place in the year 1947, when the WWII has lasted. From this moment the historical element presents the assured freedom and more possibilities available after this tragic event. Some examples are: new air vessels are available, the market develops, decreasing the humanity's efforts to achieve money. You are tested from the beginning of the game to build your fleet, design global routes, obtain the rights to land, bring changes in the plane operations and to lead economic trades in different cities around the world. The competition won't miss, as in all simulators this aspect is present, to offer a more invigorating action, making you more motivated and interested. Of course the gameplay is created as to bring fun among the fans of this genre, and not only them,because the financial aspect is not the main thing you can concentrate on. You can work and at the same time you can have an exciting and fun experience! Even if the game is quite old, the 2D graphics succeed to satisfy your eyes and perception upon your business!

Intricate airline tycoon sim

Air Bucks brings you a simulation with an emphasis on the economics of transportation via air travel. The game takes a timed approach to the gameplay. It starts you in 1947, after the WWII had taken place. The economic landscape is by no means one to encourage progress, and thus the game will test your industriousness from the very first moment you start playing. Later on, new air vessels become available, the market begins to mature and you will no longer feel as if you are making huge efforts for every penny you make. The game will see you trying to build your fleet as well as make you acquire the rights to land and engage in economic trade in different cities. Therefore, it respects the policies and the manner in which air transportation used to be handled during the period, and the challenges it puts forth are era specific. Graphically the entire experience is served in a good 2D, map like world, not the most graphically satisfying, but nevertheless good enough to convey the info it needs to convey. So, expect an in depth simulation that will ask of you to take economically oriented decisions in running an air transportation company from the end of WWII to later in the era.

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