Der Produzent: Die Welt des Films

Simulation 1996 Windows Silver Style Entertainment e.K. Trade or management Life simulation Business

A comprehensive management simulation

It is a film production and management simulation where the goal is to earn one billion in the span of 20 years. You will obviously be playing the role of a producer and the manager of films which you will make and market to increase your fortune. This is where all the aspects of film production and management pops in. You will first need to acquire a film script and then you will go for deciding the actors who will play different roles in it. The thing to focus here is that you are on a limited budget and you need to gather the best elements in the movie within this limited budget so that you can earn good money and can go big the next time around. The management aspects in the game are quite complex because you need to take care a large variety of factors such as the experience of the actors and the director, who well they gel with each other and managing their tantrums and the happenings on the sets. You can select form around six studios on rental basis and there are four studios for recording purposes. The graphics in the game are good but it is the great UI which will make things interesting and easy for you. You will also get engaged in marketing strategies after you have made the film. So it's a great simulation because of the diversity like we have seen in games like Airline Tycoon.

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