Airline Simulator 97

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For serious commercial airline simulation fans

Some other flight games do include some missions or bits inspired by the world of commercial airline world, but, to be frank, this is generally seen as a niche. In a way, this type of game is like a truck simulator in the way it manages its missions and the content that it has. So, yeah, if this is your thing, if this is the kind of gameplay and missions you are looking forward to playing, Airline Simulator 97 will deliver. For a 97 game it sure packs a really well put together visual interface. The game's airports are alright visually and the maps are quite intricate in design. Sure enough, if you maintain the right altitude you won't begin to see the scenery breakdown, but if you don't there will be some issues for you. The game also packs an interesting control scheme. You can automate as much as you want, and fly autopilot for a lot of the time, but you can also take the game more hands down and fly it as you see fit, no matter what. Overall, Airline Simulator 97 is a game that will be loved by hardcore commercial airline simulation fans, but will offer little thrill to others. However, for the hardcore niche, it sure is one of a kind type deal.

LAGO flight simulator

Airline Simulator is a flight simulator brought to us by Italian developer LAGO. We had our share of flight simulator: in Microsoft Flight Simulator we were just flying our airplane, in X-Wing we were fighting the evil Empire and now we have this particular game, which is still a simulator, but with a purpose. The object of this game to fly the 747-400 airplane from airport to another... in real time! While the real time thing might turn off some, the game developers made the game as realistic as possible so that the player should not make any wrong move, or else there would be fata consequences. The flight can take place between airport in the US or in Europe. Every copy of the game had an instruction manual, teaching the players how to properly fly and land the plane.

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