Afterburner 3D

Arcade 2003 Windows Brodaroda Vertical shooter

Remake of the famed Afterburner original from SEGA

The original Afterburner had a lot to offer for its time, but it was not a fully 3D game. However, its fast and enticing gameplay mechanics were enough to entice a lot of players back in the era and some of them held it in such high regard that they decided to remake the game. OF course, the main difference in the Afterburner 3D game is the graphics. The game uses a fully 3D engine, with a world design which is not that detailed but at any rates it is not ugly either. However, much in the style of the original the drive of the game comes from the fast mechanics rather than from diversity. Just like in the original you don't have to do much. Your guns are fired automatically, and so, for you the challenge is to stay out of the way of the enemy fire while trying to provoke as much havoc as possible. So, without a doubt the game has the same arcade feel of the original with the overlaid 3D environment in which the action takes place. If, however you would like a more grassroots game of the same gameplay style, you might want to try a super classic such as Asteroids or a more diverse game such as rRootage. The action is in the same ballpark, the main difference being in the graphical engines used.

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