Sky Target 3D

Arcade 1997 Windows SEGA Vertical shooter

Its an overall decent game

It's an arcade vertical shooter game which plays very much like Afterburner and has a lot in common with that game. Apart from the common traits, this game has gone through different upgrades and features which has made it superior to Afterburner. Coming towards the plot, it is like the other conventional themes that such games have where you have to destroy the enemy targets and their bases. There is a variety of different levels where you will be engage in combats over land and sea and will be free to explore a lot in this game. You can select from an array of different jetfighters that have their distinct looks but the controls and the dynamics are pretty much the same. Similarly the weapons that the planes have are also very much the same and this is something which is not good in terms of the variety that is needed in a game. The graphics are better than Afterburner because this time the level designs and the bosses will be in 3D graphics which makes playing the game a bit more fun. However the game work great as the controls are very smooth and responsive. So a must try for all.

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