Age of Mythology: The Titans

Strategy 2003 Windows Microsoft God game or micromanagement Myth and legend Real time

Welcome the Atlanteans to the party!

Age of Mythology was the fantasy version of the Age of Empires franchise, and up until this expansion, the game had already dealt with Greek mythos, Norse mythology, as well as Egyptian myth. This forth expansion focuses on the titans of the Atlantean empire. Gameplay wise it's the very same game, but the expansion adds a few new scenarios, caught in a single player campaign. Paying homage to the myths of the Atlants, the game now allows you to call upon the Titans for help, and also, while on the map, summoned they offer your units hefty bonuses, while also being active, playable units themselves. Thus, in total, with over 15 new units for the humans, and a total of 12 powers that the new titans will offer, this is a meaty, long lived expansion, empowering you to go through the content of the campaign quite fast. Give it a try if the style of Age of Empires is to your liking, and if you want something with a tinge of myth and fantasy. Of course, you need to also download Age of Mythology as this is an expansion that requires the original installer as well.

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