A.I.M.: Artificial Intelligence Machines

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Driving Unconventional Racing

Robots in disguise

Although you might look at this and expect an Incredible Machine-like experience, this is actually more akin to the classic MechWarrior series of giant robot combat sims. It's a far cry from the best of these games though and due to a number of bugs and other issues, this remains one for the curious mech fan only. The game takes place on the planet Polygon 4 where an advanced civilization composed of intelligent machines seeks out the perfect existence. To achieve this, they explore the land, trade, and engage in ritualized combat with each other. You take control of one of these machines and in your anti-gravity floating glider type device, you'll venture out into the various zones which make up the planet while picking up quests and other activities from your fellow inhabitants. In this way, the game is more akin to RPGs like Elder Scrolls as there are many trappings familiar from such games. You can also choose to join various guilds while there are dozens of weapons, items and gliders to try out. This is certainly an ambitious game and it's perhaps here that it hits a hurdle. There are some genuinely interesting ideas to be found here, with the mix of RPG, simulator, and action games being highly appealing. However, it's in the execution that this falls down a bit, with something of a messy feel to it, which perhaps comes from its low budget nature. The visuals hold up quite well with some nice environments to explore, but when you have to fight bugs and a clunky interface, the enjoyment gets sucked out a bit. Still worth a look, just don't expect the world.

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