Hot Rod: Garage to Glory

Action 2004 Windows ValuSoft Car and action Unconventional

Grind your gears

If you're looking for a slightly unusual driving game that differs from the likes of Outrun or Need For Speed, then this little title might be what you're looking for. It's not stunning stuff, but is unusual enough to warrant an investigation so check it out if you want something different. Players start out with a big wad of cash in their pockets and must spend it wisely on the car that is going to get them through the game. You have a selection of old bangers to choose from and once you've picked your favourite, you can then tune it up to your heart's content by fiddling with the chassis, engine and body. Once you've got your jalopy in good running condition, it's then time to hit the roads to look for a way to recoup your costs and starting racking up the cash. This involves cruising the streets looking for drag racing duels where you can take on a variety of Fast and Furious wannabes and beat them into the ground. The overall aim is simply to keep winning tournaments, picking up more cash as you go and eventually getting yourself (and your car) on the front cover of Hot Rod magazine. If you are a petrolhead and enjoy tinkering with cars as much as racing them, then there is much to enjoy here. The range of cars is pretty extensive as are the customization options so there is plenty to get stuck into even before you hit the road. Fortunately, the races themselves are just as much fun, with a variety of styles to challenge you in some nicely varied environments. There is a slight air of cheapness to the whole game, which reveals its budget origins but as long as you're not expecting blockbuster stuff, this is perfectly acceptable.

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