Viper Racing

Racing 1998 Windows Sierra Car simulation Driving

Oh, you lovely Viper!

This is something of an unusual racing game, differing from Need For Speed and other such efforts, in that it focuses on one particular type of car, rather than offering players the chance to get behind the wheel of several different ones. In this case, you're restricted to the Dodge Viper, an admittedly popular car which has a lot of appeal and history, so if you're a fan, then this is a bit of a no-brainer, but if you prefer to cast your net wider, you might want to look elsewhere. In many ways, this is a pretty standard racing game, but there are a few options here to keep you playing. You can choose between a more arcade-like experience or a more full-on and realistic simulator with several different difficulty levels, while there's also a career mode which lets you take part in races then upgrade your car with your winnings while moving up through a racing league. One of the game's notable features is its very realistic physics model, which at the time of its release, was one of the most advanced around, comparable to Grand Prix Legends, and which still holds up well today.This physics engine gives the game a lot of appeal if you're a real petrolhead, as there's a lot of things to play around with and which makes things quite interesting. The racing itself is fast and furious, whichever mode you play in, and if you crank up the difficulty, the enemy AI will put up some very enjoyable battles. The range of tracks is impressive, with good variety, while the visuals are detailed and slick, making this a very good racer, despite its narrow focus.

The fast and furious wet dream of 98s teenage boys

Viper racing was a very impressive and very hyped game when it came out in 1998. Part of the deal of the game was to promote the new Dodge Viper Model which was coming out that year, while on the other hand, the game had to be sufficiently good to withstand the scrutiny of actual racing players. The game was thus built on a famed racing game engine already in use in games such as the GP Legends and this provided it with a solid basis for its success. However, the hook of the game might also be its downfall. You will mostly be driving Dodge cars (but not exclusively) for the rest of the game, which, while interesting might turn out to be a bit too much. Nevertheless, while you can resist the urge to try out some other cars, the game offers a very interesting simulation like racer, and it will always keep your attention high. Graphics wise the game shows its age but it won't keep you from having a good time. It's just that unless you're a Dodge fanatic, this game will lose its allure in a very short time but for as long as the high lasts it's a very good one.

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