Alchemy Deluxe

Strategy 2001 Windows PopCap Games Top down Casual Minigame Arcade

Get your runes on

Fans of clever and inventive puzzlers like E-motion and Atomino would be well advised to check out this equally enchanting offering. It combines elegant simplicity with depth to create a highly addictive little game that is perfect for losing yourself in. As with all the best such games, the idea here is fairly straightforward. You're presented with a board and charged with turning all of the squares from lead into gold. This is achieved by placing one of several runic shapes on the board. You can only place a rune which is the same color or shape as one which has already been laid and must discard the rune if no other similar piece is present. Discard four runes in a row and it's game over. There are a couple of wild cards, like the grey stone which can represent any other rune and the skull which destroys any runes around it, while the multiple difficulty levels offer more runes and colors to add to the difficulty. There's little point to the game other than chasing high scores but in this respect, this proves to be a cracking little game. The fact that the core idea is so simple means anyone can pick this up in an instant but this hides a depth of gameplay that means you'll keep coming back for more. It's a highly satisfying experience to play and proves to be highly addictive, making it perfect for when you're on your lunch break. Of course, the visuals and sound are nothing to write home about but for the sheer addictiveness of it all, this is one puzzler which is well worth adding to your collection.

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