Alien Attack

Simulation 1993 Dos Eldon Martin Futuristic Shooter

ASCII action game; shoot everything

Alien Attack is a shooter and ship game, seen from above, dressed in very sparse clothes; the space is all blue and the enemies are text based. You have to target them and shoot them down. At intervals, you will find that the game also offers you upgrades; these increase your fire power or the number of hits you can take. Also, after each level you get a speedier, harder game, but it makes sense, especially if you love mindless shooting. Now, there isn't any story to talk of, other than that the aliens want to invade, so, that's about that. So, the only thing keeping you playing for long hours is the fact that you can beat your own score, and in doing so, you get a lot more from the game, you get to find out how much more you can expect from the game. All in all, though, Alien Attack is surely going to give you all that you want, as long as you don't really want much! It's also got quite a few different waves of aliens coming to get you, and thus it is particularly compelling, after a while, as the speed boost surely changes things up. A good alternative is Avenger, space shooter, also a bit similar to Space Invaders, thought not 100 percent.

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