Space Sirens 2: Megababes from Ajia

Simulation 1995 Windows Pixis Futuristic Shooter

Where are the babes?

Even when judged by the standards of a genre which includes the likes of Riana Rouge and Voyeur, this is appallingly bad stuff. As you might just be able to guess from the title, this is an adult game but which like pretty much every other title in that genre, it is so bad as to be completely embarrassing. This one combines various elements in an attempt to create a sort of interactive movie, and throws the player into a futuristic world where the space sirens of the title capture your spacecraft and then force you in a series of bizarre situations where your only goal is to 'keep them happy'. The first sequence you'll experience is a simple arcade style one, where you must defend your ship from waves of aliens, but once you're inevitably captured, you're basically stuck doing the same thing, which is using the rather convoluted interface to stimulate various parts of your own anatomy in order to give the sirens maximum pleasure. If you get your timing right, their pleasure rating goes up and you're rewarded with a short clip, but get it wrong and they are not shy about telling you off. This really has to be one of the direst games in the history of the medium. The concept is just outright shameful, with no redeeming features whatsoever, with a story that is pitifully told with wretched writing and even worse acting. The gameplay is non existent, with almost nothing for the player to actually do, while the grainy visuals don't really do much to create the desired atmosphere. All in all, a huge waste of everyone's time and effort.

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