Stelcon 2469

Simulation 1992 Dos Vu Truong Futuristic

Spacebound strategy game; be the ruler of the galaxy!

Stelcon 2469 is a diminutive space strategy game, in which up to 5 space empires battle for supremacy in the known galaxy! The 2D, top down strategy, while relatively hefty, is also kept very simple, very easy to control, to understand, more like a relaxing game for short skirmishes than a game for huge campaigns, spanning over years. But, even so, Stelcon 2469 is still a very satisfying game, because the important elements of a strategy have been both included as well as kept so simple and direct. Else, you can select multiple units and move them around, you can produce star ships of different strengths and you can create smaller or larger fleets, depending on how you want them to be like. It's all fairly nice and well produced, and, with that in mind, you can be sure that you will have a good time with this game. Also, automation plays an important role in the game, as skirmishes are solved directly, without your intervention, so you only have to worry about the higher level strategy. Similarly, download Space Empires IV, much more detailed, graphically superior and easy to play as well.

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