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Turn based straetgy and action

It is a good turn based and action strategy game which is not something new in the genre. The plot is a very simple one and is based on the far future. Free thinkers were sent off from the earth to establish their domains in alien's planets. After some time, the imperial forces of the earth decided that they want to reclaim those colonies. PowerDolls is a heroic team of fighter pilots, loader pilots and some good drivers who will defend their colonies from the imperial forces from earth. The loader will be assigned different units and the user can play a varied variety of different exciting missions to advance on. The tactical elements in the form of the action on the moves are very interesting and you will have to protect your fighters till you complete all the missions. The graphics in this game has been designed with a lot of focus on the user playability and the result is very clean interface with some fine animations. You will also find some really food animie scenes in the game and the controls are very swift. This game is very challenging experience like we saw in MechWar which was quite underrated.

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