Alien Shooter: The Experiment

Action 2004 Windows Sigma Team Aliens invasion

Better dead than alien

The original Alien Shooter was a pretty fun shooter that was sort of like a spiritual successor to the likes of Gauntlet, Alien Breed and Chaos Engine. It was a little shallow but provided plenty of intense blasting thrills, and made for an entertaining time. The Experiment isn't a full-blown sequel but is an expansion like Fight for Life which keeps the base gameplay intact but expands on the mythology a little by providing some new missions to enjoy. The story here finds the alien invaders from the original now the dominant species on Earth, with humanity now restricted to scattered settlements. However, when some scientists come up with a way to fight back, which involves finding a super creature which can be unleashed upon the invaders. And guess who gets the job of tracking this beast down? That's it, you, the player. What follows is basically the same as earlier installments, being an isometrically viewed shooter that sees you exploring a series of environments and basically laying waste to everything that gets in your way. There are five new missions here, which also include some new environments, as well as new enemies, weapons and a boss. You can even crank up the difficulty level if you really want a challenge. If you're into your hardcore shooters, then this is a fun expansion to a similarly themed game. There's nothing particularly new here, which is a little disappointing, but there's no denying that wasting aliens is fun. The visuals are solid but a little lacking in personality and overall, this is a solid addition to the series.

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