Dream Zone

Adventure 1988 Dos Baudville Science Fiction Horror

Keep dreaming

Dream Zone is a point-and-click adventure game developed by JAM Software and published by Baudville. The game portrays the effects of how dreams can effect the life of a person. The plot of the game is centered around an unnamed character who has different dreamz, in which the game names it traveling through a "dreamzone", and each of these having a coded metaphor on real life. The gameplay is mostly focused on puzzle solving, however the puzzles in the game are very annoying and some of them are quite frustrating. There are a lot of gruesome deaths in the game, which encourages the player to save often because you might never know when danger is about to strike. The way in which you control your character is by clicking different movement buttons on the UI. The graphics are a mixed bag and so goes to the sound. The weird plot of the game is the only reason to continue playing. All in all, Dream Zone is an interesting and weird point-and-click that you cannot help but play it in order to see what will happen next.

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