Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox GameTek Science Fiction Horror

Repent ye sinners!

Hell is a pretty mad bit of point-and-click adventuring that looks very much like a mid-nineties game and which is worth picking up if you enjoy things like the equally barking Ripper. This one combines a wonderfully over-the-top and convoluted storyline with an interesting cast and some unusual puzzles, to create a strangely compelling experience. The plot here revolves around the idea that in the future, it has been discovered that Hell actually exists, with the gateways to and from it now controlled by a governing organization and with demons able to travel into our world, while criminals are now sent down there instead of going to prison. You take control of two characters, a seemingly ordinary couple who work for the government but who find themselves being targeted for assassination by the government, although they're not sure why. When they find themselves in Hell, they must try to escape and uncover the mystery behind it all. The game itself is a fairly traditional point-and-click adventure, like Beneath a Steel Sky, which mixes pre-rendered backdrops and FMV cutscenes, for a very nineties feel. For the most part, this is an intriguing game. The setting is unusual, and while certain elements like the politics might be superficial, it certainly deserves some points for trying. The visuals are quite striking, while the acting from people like Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones brings a little more appeal. This is very much an adult game, (although not as much as it once was) so be careful if there are young ones around and if you do check it out, you should have an interesting time.

Not enough action

Here a published by GameTek, a company that focused from the beginning to deliver quality, ensuring high productivity and educational entertaining. The story presents a world where hell exists, and the criminals are sent there, instead of being killed or being punished with prison. One night, some of the main character colleagues, agents of the government, attempt to kill them, but the couple escapes. Finally, they find themselves in hell, and their mission is to get out of there and find out the reason why the agents tried to assassinate them. In my opinion, this game needs a lot of improvements to really get you involved into playing it. One thing that annoyed me was the passivity of the characters, as if they were prohibited from getting into action. And before getting into the so-called adventure, you will have to get through many dialogues. I hate dialogues, especially when they don't lead to interesting activity. I don't recommend this game to fussy gamers, well, like me. Some disturbing moments will scare you, but not enough to convince you Cyberpunk Thriller deserves to be added to the classic collection.

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