Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Cyberdreams Science Fiction Horror

An H R Giger inspired adventure; atmospheric and darkly!

DarkSeed is an adventure set in a confined mansion, where the writer protagonist goes, hoping to have a bit of peace and quiet to finish his work. But instead of peace and quiet he gets the exact opposite. Soon after his arrival at the mansion, dark dreams begin to permeate Mike Dawson's dreams, and he finds himself trapped in this reality which is half dream half real. But which is which is never clear. Thus, the scary, dark undertones of the game are set against the beauty of the locales at the mansion and at its surroundings; you really will be put through your paces, and if you like a darkly game, this one will surely be it. It's also a game that has loads of puzzles, and loads of situations that will require your entire concentration and mental awareness, and in spite of the dark atmosphere, and the ominous presence and the Sci Fi mystery involving aliens and so on, DarkSeed still makes it as a bread and butter, heavy puzzler game. It's really impressive, and the H. R. Geiger style definitely looks at home in the game. So, play this and download Darkseed 2 to continue the journey; it's a great journey, graphically, story wise, and intellectual stimulation wise.

A very creepy atmoshpere, not so good puzzles

This game is one of the rare few sci fi adventure horror games and it is interesting to know that the artwork of the game is provided by the creator of Aliens. You play Mike Dawson, a writer who just bought a creepy mansion. While exploring the mansion, Mike finds out that there is a very dark parallel dimension with aliens that want to take over the Earth. Now our friend Mike has to travel from one dimension to the other to destroy that plan and the alien embrio that got injected into his brain and save his life and his home world. The game is a point and click adventure and what is special to add is that it is the first game to use 640*480 graphics, so the game is graphically ahead of its time and looks absolutely amazing for that time. Dark colors are dominating to emphasize the dark, creepy atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is interesting but what could set the player back a bit is that the puzzles are not that good and can be a bit irritating. The best feature of the game is probably the atmoshpere that can easily crawl up your nerves and make you tingling with excitement and dread and I think that it's worth playing for that only. But if you're for horror games with better puzzles, give Noctropolis (horror game) a shot - or download and try this before.

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