Aliens vs Predator

Action 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Shooter Aliens invasion

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An awesome classic

If this game isn't fun I don't know what is! Released by Fox Interactive in 1999, this action shooter brings back the sensation for which the Alien versus Predator movie series got popular. You can play as one of the three races Human Marine, Predator or Alien. Unfortunately the levels do not have intra-save, and you are obliged to restart each failed mission from the beginning which tends to somewhat irritate the player. This features are also shared by Aliens vs Predator 2. As any shooter you have to travel between points, kill a lot of enemies and flip many switches, making you way through some military installment, passing through alien environments sometimes, seeing the outdoors once in a while. The Marine, the most fragile in the game, as in the movies, has to face a harsh challenge, because a few hard blows from an alien, a too long exposure to his acid or a single wrap from a facehugger, can put you down for good. As a Marine you make your way passing by flashing red lights, sirens, throwing flares to light the horrifying pitch black, and having your adrenaline pumped when the motion detector signals the presence of aliens nearby. An alternative to the flares is the visual-intensifier gadget that helps you aim at the extraterrestrial enemies. The marine has a neat array of weapons from sub-machine guns to grenade launching pulse rifles, rocker launchers and even flame-throwers. The Predator is pretty traditional, and is very effective against all races with his stealth mode and infravision capabilities.The Alien is a non-ranged race, the only ways of attack possible being near the enemy, striking him with a dagger-like tail or claws. Luckily, the aliens have great speed and great attack power, extermination being easily attainable through a fish-eye perspective. The graphics are good for a classic shooter and the dynamics make the gaming experience even better. The game has also multiplayer capabilities enhancing the gameplay experience once more.Overall, this classic shooter is great fun and you are highly recommended to try it out.

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