AlphaMan - The New Beginning

RPG 1995 Dos Jeffrey Olson Top down

ASCII roguelike adventure after a nuclear disaster!

While Rogue wasn't set in some Paradise location, it sure had it better than the top down inhabitants of this game! Like in a prototypical Wasteland, here too an atomic event has put the world in danger, and that, as you'll find out translates to a world of problems and a plethora of unwarranted situations. Thus, AlphaMan - The New Beginning is the kind of game that you wouldn't really want to sink into, unless you're prepared to replay again and again. Each session can be quite different than the other, as these games tend to be, and I'd say, in perspective, AlphaMan - The New Beginning is quite a good game, when it comes to establishing a nice, world, with each new start. The game brings about new scenery, but it also seems to calculate well how your enemies will be, compared to you, difficulty wise. But, some of the ASCII builds the computer comes up with can be a little daunting, and a little weird, in that most of the times the worlds will feel empty and not that well constructed. But if you keep in mind that this is a post nuclear world, it begins to suddenly make a little more sense, and if you like a rather unfinished feel to you Roguelike, this will deliver. No one said nuclear holocaust would be good for you, now, did they?!

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