Legend of the Silver Talisman

RPG 1996 Dos Inter-Active Arts Top down Fantasy

Neat Gauntlet-style adventure

Gauntlet is an acknowledged classic of the arcade gaming scene and which has given rise to imitations like the little known Storm and this obscure gem. The game retains the sense of action and adventure of Gauntlet but mixes in a few more RPG-style elements to create a solid gaming experience that is well worth seeking out. The plot is the usual disposable fantasy nonsense, involving an epic quest to return the Silver Talisman from the evil wizards who have stolen it for their own nefarious purposes but this is easily ignored when the action gets going. The game takes a top-down view, similar to the likes of Ultima, and largely follows the formula as set down by Gauntlet, with the player exploring dungeons and battling against the various denizens. A wide range of magical weapons are on display here, with spells and other such RPG-style options also included. Probably the neatest feature of Silver Talisman is the two-player mode, which is always a bonus addition to any game, but which here is presented with a particularly nice twist: split-screen. The two players can explore co-operatively or independently, stealing each other's items and battling against them if you're not in the mood to team up. This adds a great competitive element to the game but the co-op mode is equally good and really makes the game shine. Visually the game is nothing special, with slightly drab visuals but which nevertheless do their job well enough. However, it's the gameplay which is the star here and Silver Talisman really is a great little game. There is plenty to explore here, lots of nasties to fight, some cool weapons and it all adds up to a great package.

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