The Aethra Chronicles - 1 - Celysta's Bane

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Michael W. Lawrence Top down Fantasy

Good but not too original RPG

The most interesting thing about this game is that it introduces puzzle type action in an otherwise straightforward RPG, making it more interesting to play overall, bringing in more elements and making the entirety of the game more interesting and more diverse. However, do not expect the same situation to run in the story department. You get the same clichéd one man saving the day kind of situation, with the same type of classes and cliched characters. But, if you are in for the straightforward action, the game has plenty of it. This game also allows you to amass a party, and you will be able to bring in new members as you move along. Therefore, the game will play with such classic tropes, leading you to lose yourself in the action as you go. The graphics and control are conducive to the action oriented experience, without much diversity, and control wise, without any problems to take you out of it. Maybe you will take some time getting used to some of the controls, but after they sink in, it is all a great experience from there on. Also, the game is rather short, and the advert for new episodes is misleading: no more were produced as the game failed to bring in a large enough following.

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