Spellcasting 101

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Humorous Graphical IF Mature Content

Humorous text based adventure with a mature twist

The story of this text based adventure is really gone wild. It combines classic adventure tropes that have survived since the time of the Zork series, but, when it comes to the storytelling itself, you will be surprised to see how interesting and funny it can all get. The game puts you in the shoes of a perverted wizard that is trying to cut corners at all times. Besides him trying to learn as much from the arcane world of magic, he is also interested in being seen as more than what he is. This leads to a lot of comically infused situations, situations from which you can only emerge if you combine his meager spell casting knowledge with other trickery and other less straightforward puzzle solving. At any rate, the game is never too hard, on one hand because you are assisted by a left hand interface with words that will pop in and out of the screen to pinpoint where next to head and what you should pay attention to in game. But the most fun you'll have in reading the flavor texts, that are filled with little nods to text adventure games and other pop culture references that will simply brighten your day if you are a text based adventurer fanatic.

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