Spellcasting 201

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Humorous Graphical IF Mature Content

Ernie`s no2 adventure towards becoming a wizard

In the first game in the series, Ernie, the protagonist had just embarked on a journey of self discovery and of actual study, driven by his wish to become a respected and praised wizard. But as you'd have it, this was not an easy road. In game, you had to take decisions, text based, but also try to gain as much info as possible. A well done game Spellcasting 101 was but the road had not finished. And so, with this second title the adventure continues. And so, with a small increase in the graphics, with lots more quests and more knowledge to absorb, Ernie is up against some more difficult challenges. But, gameplay wise, Spellcasting 201 had already become a bit more streamlined, better fit for plays and also, it had a very good overall production value. Graphically, I'd think, you'll want to kick back your requirements. It can at times look like a sort of oldschool parser program, but it's not hard to understand its internal logic once you get acquainted with it. I loved it and I recommend you download Simon the Sorcerer if you want a more classic visual adventure with a wizard to be at the helm.

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