Wizardry III

RPG 1984 Dos Dosbox Sir-tech Software Fantasy First person

A classic make of thre Rpg games

It is a combination of three games which can be played separately and is a classic package for all RPG fans that love wizardry games and that are into Dungeon crawlers. The three games have their 3 separate plots but all of them take place in a fictitious and magical world where you will counter different monsters such as lizards and dragons. You will be running a team of adventurers set out on a mission to defeat the evil forces. Every mission in the three games is a distinct and well-designed level where the RPG elements have been synced to perfection. The gameplay is as smooth as one would want it to be and the controls are in unison with the gameplay. The graphics are also clear and the music that the game supports is above average. Moving from one mission to another, you will find that there is good link between each of them and this shows the well written plot of the game. You will also have to counter a variety of different puzzles and obstacles in the game and every puzzle has a distinct structure to it. All the 3 games are very competitive and is not for the amateurs. One should also try out Alternate Reality: the city because that game also has a good amount of variety.

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