Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory

Strategy 2002 Windows Shrapnel Games Historical Real time

Real time strategy retelling of the Austerlitz conflict

I bet this game took some time to be completed, not because it was quantitatively too large, after all it has a single campaign, as the title suggests, which combines the entire time frame of the Austerlitz conflict in which Napoleon was involved. But, in its simple real time strategy manner, the game is very well polished, very nicely done. The Gettysburg Engine, the development team of this title uses a 2D graphical overlay to tell the story, and, while some think it too oldschool, I must say that it impressed me far more than some of the propositions that some Total War games managed to. It's because the units are very well drawn, very sharp and also nicely animated, and, given their 2D nature, lots more can be displayed onscreen, leading to much more dynamic, involved battles. Also, because the perspective is fixed, you won't end up fiddling with eh altitude controls of the camera so much and just get used to overlooking the battlefield from above, without so much stress that you'll not get it right. But I'm getting lost, because graphics aside, the very intricate and detailed nature of these battles is what is the core of the game, its very precise way of creating a battlefield in which your decisions will count. So get ready, fans of Napoleon's history and fans of real time strategy games that are hinged on real history, because this oldie here will sweep you off your feet. Make sure you can dedicate it a weekend in full, or more!

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