Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Cognetics Corporation Mystery

A tough puzzles based mystery

It is adventure game with a mystery theme and a lot of variety and toughness. The plot is that you have just woke up from slumber and have no clue who you are and where you are. Now very naturally you have a quest to find your lost identity and recollect your memories for which you will have to collect a lot of clues and do a lot of interaction along with survival. The best trait in the game is that the puzzles here are not based on fantasy or innovation but involve real world dynamics that have been portrayed as puzzles which you will need to solve to gather clues and advance on in levels. You have to keep yourself tagged and oriented with the streets and the subway of the New York City that has the clues to your mystery. The level designs in the game in the form of puzzles are very diverse and interactive and there is no repetition in graphics or orientation. The user interface is very well designed and so are the engaging graphics. The controls are also brilliant but the game still lacks replay value and is a bit too tough. You can also try Earthly delights for a good puzzle based mystery.

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