Borrowed time

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Interplay Graphical IF Mystery

Murder mystery adventure, a clunky but playable classic

Borrowed time is a game that offers you a noir murder mystery story, at least the writing does, while the graphics do little to evoke the 1930s feel and atmosphere, where the game is set in. But, no matter, you will definitely be gripped by the story, even in spite of its inconsistencies with the quality (or style) of the graphics. Sure enough, there is also a bit of fiddling about to manage the puzzles that the game is ripe with, but in terms of types, you will mostly get your usual detective a la Sherlock Holmes bits, plus some other puzzles that are classical for adventures. Get ready for one of those experiences where you have to choose from a list of verbs, too many in my opinion, but, then again, that was the time and age, and if you want to relieve it, you're going to have to deal with it as supposed to. So, with that said, if you like oldschool, magenta 80s (yep, I've just coined that term!) graphical adventuring, you can be sure that you'll love this one. If not, see Beneath a Steel Sky, my go to mystery adventure game, totally playable, atmospheric and lots less fiddly to actually interact with. Still, it's worth just tinkering with, at the very least...

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