The Scoop

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Spinnaker Third Person Mystery

Too intricate for its own good detective adventure

In The Scoop you play a detective that is for hire. However, the developers wanted to create something a bit more unique and interesting, so that in the end, what we are left with is this rather poorly implemented mix of classic choose the verb from the list interaction plus portions that ask you to play incognito, be a mere observant of the behavior of the ones that you must follow. This portion literally turns you into a stalker, and, while you must observe, the most of the time, mundane activities of the people that you need to observe, a very nasty case of boredom set in! Thus, this rather smart gameplay choice turns into a very unfortunate game breaking mechanic, which you will just grow aggravated with, and, thus, will feel that it is more than anything, getting in the way of you playing the game rather than helping it. Plus, for a detective story, the main narrative is at the most pretty boring, which, of course, also doesn't really help things! So, rather avoid this one as well, it's just not that worth the trouble, unfortunately. Rather see Below the Root, from the same developers, or Murder on the Atlantic, another mystery heavy adventure game.

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