Mortville Manor

Adventure 1987 Dos Lankhor Mystery First person

A thrilling mystery and adventure game

Lover of murder and mystery games are really going to like this one as it gives you a great in depth strategy, mystery and exciting gameplay. Apart from the other features, it also brings many board games features to the gameplay such as clues that lead to different people or culprit. It has some really good digitized voices. You play as a private detective who has been assigned the task to solve the murder that just happened at a manor. You will need to investigate potential culprits or suspects and will also have to check their possessions and property for the same. It has some random factors like the replay ability which is normally not seen with many other games in this category. They have made the plot very interesting and confusing by giving all the characters a motive and reason for killing. So this means that you have to look everyone with a detective's eye and will have to focus on every evidence. The graphics and the images used in the games are also very interesting but the dominant factor is the interesting scenarios that build up as you go on with the game. If you like to go with really complex and challenging mystery games, Maupiti Island is another to try along with this one.

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