Nocturnal Illusion

Adult 1995 Windows RCY Bros./Excellents Japan Hentai Bishoujo

Alone in a mansion full of sexy girls

While most visual novels (like True Love) have multiple endings depending on the player's choice of action ingame, this game doesn't have that, and the game is pretty linear, which means that you'll be playing it only once. Still, the game is worth playing, or watching, since your interaction will be minimal. The story of Nocturnal Illusion features you, the protagonist, who arrive at a mansion during spring break. During a huge storm, you faint out of weakness, but a woman brings you back to the waking world and keeps you warm with sexual pleasures. You then find out that she is the mistress of a mansion of girls, all willing to have sex with you.. What happens next? You'll find out if you play. Opposite from most Japanese stories, this one doesn't have much depth and is mostly full of erogenous material. The art of the game is truly splendid, and the girls are as hot in anime as they would be in real life, if not more. The game is good for a one time duration, but not good enough to be played more than that.

A basic game

The winds of change blow through the mansion. As you walk through, interacting with the people battered by fate, it's your treatment of them that determines their fate. A basic game with a simple straightforward story line, still I have spent almost two decades trying to find it again. Well worth playing.

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