Dangerous Toys

Adult 1995 Windows LoveGun Hentai Bishoujo

Interactive fiction with no plot but lots of kinky toys

This is a well drawn dialogue driven game, an anime that puts you in the shoes of a girl in a group of 10 other girls, all looking to explore their sexuality with the help of all sort of sex toys. The entailing of the genre are all there, this is a graphic novel where the plot is missing, instead the banter will focus on the sexual themes, with lots of playful sexual innuendo and nothing else much. Given the restrictions of the genre, the game can be quite boring, but if you're a fan of the genre than this won't be a problem. Of the 10 girls that the game offers you, none is drawn sloppily. There is attention to each still frame and the emotions of the girls are well described by their looks. The game is thus a good example of the genre, much like True Love or Divi-Dead, but unlike these ones, Dangerous Toys is much shorter. So, if you're into sexual toys that look unsafe, into a non plot driven sexual innuendo episodic encounters, this is a really good game for you. For the rest however, this will just look like an unfinished game of sexual interactive fiction.

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