Angel Halo

Adult 1996 Windows Active Hentai Bishoujo

Angel Halo, a less than typical manga adventure

What sets Angel Halo apart is the twisted story, parts of which are based around Christian mythology, while other portions are just nonsense fabrications with a Japanese tinge. But the story commences just as it does in any other adventure/interactive novel of the kind. You play the role of a cute Asian lady which is living her life as any other girl her age would. But suddenly, a monster spawns, right around Christmas, threatening to ruin everyone's good time and possibly to lead to the destruction of the world. From there on you will be tasked with the occasional dialogue choice while the game/interactive novel keeps on progressing and keeps on taking us by surprise. If you care enough for the story, for the protagonist and for her world, you will assist her in her quest but mostly will spectate. Thankfully enough, the game looks good, with manga style screens that are of high quality. This game could potentially interest some other people other than hardcore anime and manga interactive fiction lovers, only because the graphics are so much better than many other creations. But, ultimately, unless you like games where you're not involved at every step of the way, you won't be satisfied by this creation.

An angel to save the earth

Kyoto, end of 20th century. You are Kusakabe Makoto a student and Christmas is coming. A evil monster came back to the earth and is going to be attacked... Well, actually it seems more a story of Duke Nukem games, but it's an hentai. Finally the game is not bad at all, as usual, you will meet several cute girls and to see quite good manga. The style is quite similar to Nocturnal illusion and Paradise Height saga.

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