Adult 1996 Windows Himeya Soft Hentai Bishoujo

Good manga pics and a lot of (happy) endings

In this dating simulation game (bishojo) you won't be a japanese student, as it usually happen, but an english one. Your reputation in your country is very high and as soon as you land in America you will be recruited by a famous millionaire to live in his mansion and teach and educate (guess what kind of education...) his five daughters. Living in this mansion you will meet and entertain them and enjoy the life of being a young boy sorrounded by very attracting women (more than once at a time in some case!). This game has some dark atmospheres like it happens in hentai Nocturnal Illusion and it seems more adventure-style than others where the interaction is limited or absent. The quantity of hentai images is not very big, so you will be able to play quite long before watching some nudity screen. Also the number of ending possibilities (45) is giving you the possibility to play this several time, trying to end and see what happens when you perform different actions. The fact you will be in US instead that Japan is another element of innovation, altough quality of pictures is very well detailed and typical of anime hentai.

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