The Daedalus Encounter

Adventure 1995 Windows VirginInteractive Science Fiction Movie style

Sci fi movie style game

The Daedalus reminds me a lot of another "movie style game" In the 1st Degree, only this one is set in a sci fi setting and has a lot more interesting story. This interactive puzzle adventure game is centered around a group of space marines that are fighting in an interstellar war. Due to some very complicated events, the trio become pirates and find themselves deserted on an alien spaceship that is on a direct collision path to a star. To save their lives, this team must solve a series of hard and complicated puzzles that will solve the mystery of this ship and also direct the ship away from the stars. The story is, if anything very original. As for the gameplay, you don't really have a much of a say - most of the time will be spent glued to the screen watching this "movie" and making a decision here and there. There are three possible endings to the game depending on your rare actions. The story itself is pretty interesting and gives out a very mysterious and dark atmosphere since the crew is on an unfamiliar territory and has to work fast to get away with their dear skin. As mentioned at the beginning, the game is very movie-like so the graphics are very good and the actors themselves do a pretty decent job. The puzzles are mostly pretty good, although some of the time can get very frustrating. The final ruling would be this: a pretty nice sci-fi game that oozes with mystique but nothing extraordinary.

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