Adventure 1997 Windows Psygnosis Science Fiction Mystery

Be part of a space crew, first person

Boy, I wish this game got a proper remake, one that ports the God awful controls of this game and takes them into the realm of normative WASD with strafe controls, with one or two buttons that can be remapped for all the actions and, you know, modern, simplified controls that don't make your head spin trying to figure something out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to fuss over a control scheme. After all, if the game is worth it, you're gonna trudge through and learn to actually use all the game gets wrong about those simple control elements, but, unfortunately for Sentient, even if the premise is so engorging and interesting, being part of a space crew as a simple individual, there are graphical problems, control problems, as noted above, and all sort of other quirks and other such issues that just take you out of the experience for good. Thus, Sentient is a great premise flawed by its execution, and, unfortunately, I can't really think of another game that created as much excitement for me than, say, Gothic when it first came out, but then again, that's the problem with these old games, some are original in idea, but just awfully implemented.

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