Anna's Gram

Strategy 1987 Dos Softdisk Publishing Board games

Slide those letters!

Softdisk was something of a pioneering publisher back in the early days of gaming, offering magazines on disks that proved popular until the internet came along and ruined everything. The magazines offered the usual mix of interviews, articles and ads but also included programs for the curious computer fan. Many of these were utility-type software but many games were also included, with such classics as the Kroz series turning up on the various Big Blue Disks that the company released. Anna's Gram appeared several times on these disk magazines, and which turned up in various incarnations depending on the platform it was released for. It's basically a computerized version of one of those sliding block/letter puzzles where you have a limited time in which to manipulate letters in order to form words. The whole thing takes place in a small area, so you have to shift the letters around one by one in order to get them where you need them. That's pretty much it for the game and if you are looking for a bit of word sliding action, akin to a single player version of Scrabble with a bit of added mental dexterity, then this makes for a solid bet. It's not something that's going to last forever, thanks to the fairly limited nature of the gameplay as well as the uninteresting visuals, but if you do have a few minutes to kill and like word-based puzzling, there is much to enjoy here. The controls are easy to pick up, so you'll be sliding letters around in no time, and overall this is good simple entertainment.

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