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A digitized gameplay variation of GO; well executed

This game here, TrianGO is a digital version of a rarer, less known GO variation, one that is played not on a parallelepiped board, but on a surface that reminds of a circle. In fact, the board is produced out of intersecting triangles, and therefore, while the basic rules of Go are the same, due to the way it is produced, it just looks different and it asks you to think differently. Basically, you get a higher chance to flank your enemy, as he does too, and therefore, TrianGO allows you to formulate a very much different type of strategy to overcome your enemy. Basically, capture in this game is done classically, however, there is a rule that allows you to re-enter captured stones in the game, within a certain set of rules, which makes this game so much more enticing. Graphically, TrianGO looks more than alright; it's got a very clean board, a black background and the triangles of the shape of the board are blue, while the pieces are intense blue and red; therefore, it's very easy to see everything on the board and plan your next move. It's a great game for novices to advanced players and a good learning tool as well. Download it together with Nemesis: The Go Master, for a classic GO game.

Multiplayer fun!

Triango is a board game which really needs a computer to be played. Played on a truncated chineese checkers board, the object is to play into the 3 vertices of an equilateral triangle, which then lights up (why a computer helps) and which can be used to capture any enemy pieces in it (it lights up differently if there is one. There is much scope for strategy and tactics, and I think this is one of the best games I've come across, and I've seen a lot. The game can be played against the computer, or against 1,2 or 3 live opponents. Playing against 3 other good players is quite an experience, as the level of playing other players off against each other is added.

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