X-Fools: Abduct This!

Action 2000 Windows Cartoon

Abduct them cows, you alien!

Lovely idea this game has: instead of being the warmongering human trying to rid the Earth of the insidious aliens, you are an alien yourself! Your job?! Why, of course, your job is to abduct as many cows from within your rotund spaceship, whom the puny humans would call an UFO! UFO! Hahahahahaha! Well, dearies, the game is actually pretty fun, if you like a cool minimalist arcade sidescroller game, in which you'll be chasing cows through a number of levels, and beaming them up better than Scotty ever could! Yes, it's a great game, a game that knows how to take itself not too seriously, and, even if small, it sure is very engaging. The animations and the sounds (mwooo!) are great, the colors picked are very eerie, which only enhances the weirdness of this one game. But, at the same time, it creates a very cool blend of mechanics and ideas, which work great and offer such a cool five minute experience. So, yeah, give it a try, it is not a very hard game to play, and it is sure to elicit a few moments of laughter. Plus the FBI wielders of laser guns of Earth will surely add to the difficulty. Similarly, if you want more 5 minute break type games, playing the Microsoft Arcade bundle will have a few more treats for you, so have it around!

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