Bargon Attack

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Science Fiction Humorous Cartoon

Liberate the Earth from the aliens adventure game

Bargon Attack is an adventure in which you will play an unlikely hero, in a parallel universe where latex clothing is king. A hero is needed because the Bargon, a particular clad breed of aliens have found that Earth is quite appealing and they want to take it for themselves. But, if you jump into the equation, you may turn that around. If you haven't yet noticed, the game is a bit of a lighthearted pastiche, making fun of the authorial savior of worlds trope. The game throws a lot of pop culture nods at you, some that are related to space travel Sci Fi, others that probably link back to the TV series that ran back in the early 90s. In any case, whether you will catch any of these references or not, you are still bound to have a jolly good time in the game. Graphically the game is more than good, and the dialogues as well as the puzzles feel snappy and allow you to move fast from one scenario to another. So, if you do not mind the tongue in cheek tone, Bargon Attack will prove a great adventure game, both refreshing for a retro adventurer as well as well executed throughout, in all of its constitutive elements.

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